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The health benefits of extra virgin olive oil
The health benefits of extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil is a great ingredient to keep in your kitchen due to its quality, versatility, rich flavour, and health benefits. It is simple and efficient when it comes to frying, baking, or roasting, while also being loaded with antioxidants and healthy fats. Let's find out the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil and how it compares to other typical cooking oils!

Which is the healthiest olive oil?

Our extra virgin olive oil is of the highest quality and provides numerous health properties. But what makes olive oil healthy? The prevalence of monounsaturated fats, vitamins, omega fatty acids, and antioxidant content in extra virgin olive oil make it the fundamental nourishment for your well-being and health. It is also central to the famous Mediterranean diet and various European cuisines.

Considering extra virgin olive oil is easy to digest, it is recommended to everyone regardless of age and lifestyle. For instance: it’s perfect for feeding infants and children because the balance of polyunsaturated fatty acids is similar to breast milk; therefore, its intake ensures the healthy development of the organism. On the other hand, for the elderly, the healthy fats of extra virgin olive oil are essential. It also helps with vitamin D absorption, stimulating bone mineralisation and promoting calcium intake. Moreover, it's ideal for the optimal development of an unborn child's nervous system in pregnant women. Lastly, for athletes, it provides them with high and readily digestible energy.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil vs Other Oils - what is the difference?

All the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil mentioned above are specific to extra virgin olive oil, as it is the only oil produced with simple pressure and crushing of the natural fruit without needing further chemical-physical manipulations. Other types of olive oil, such as peanut oil, sunflower oil and other seed oils, tend to be less healthy for your body because oil from these seeds is complicated to extract. This means they are harvested using completely different chemical solvents and industrial processes. Unlike the natural methods used to extract Laudemio olive oil, through these industrial processes, the polyphenols in the seeds are lost during production, leading to unhealthy fats and oil.

On the other hand, our extra virgin olive oil is excellent when used raw, heated, or cooked; it is the most suitable and healthiest fat for human nutrition, not only for its aroma and flavour but also for all its properties. Extra virgin olive oil has always been used as a cure, ointment and cosmetic; it has a vast wealth of beneficial substances that are emollient, protective, toning and antioxidant. Contrary to other oils, olive oil has been used since the beginning of time as a natural remedy, capable of extracting thorns from the skin, treating stomach aches, strengthening nails, softening and protecting the skin, relieving muscle pain, and giving shine and softness to our hair.

This shows how our product is the healthiest extra virgin olive oil compared to other oils and how much it is worth to own.

Extra virgin olive oil: Nutritional values

We have established that making extra virgin olive oil part of your diet leads to various health benefits. There is extensive research and numerous studies have been carried out on the nutritional values of olive oil. This research indicates that our oil's vitamins and omega-fatty acids can relieve inflammation, protect against heart disease, and prevent cancer. But what exactly makes it so healthy?

  • Olive oil is rich in vitamin E, significantly affecting disease prevention and immunity. Research has shown that olive oil is a natural anti-inflammatory; therefore, consuming olive oil can help manage inflammatory bowel disease and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • The polyphenols in olive oil can stop blood platelets from clumping together (the leading cause of heart attacks), which can help protect your heart against diseases. Additionally, olive oil contains vitamin K, which also aids with blood clotting.
  • Olive oil has high levels of monounsaturated fats; these healthy fats have been proved to increase "good cholesterol" and decrease "bad cholesterol". Even though the body needs certain healthy cholesterol levels, high cholesterol levels boost the chances of a stroke or a heart attack.

Furthermore, people who struggle to fall asleep or have insomnia are advised to follow a treatment comprising extra virgin olive oil. The secret is that taking a spoonful of Laudemio olive oil in the evening will improve the quality of your rest during the night. When good olive oil is taken consistently before going to sleep, the anti-inflammatory health benefit materialises.

In conclusion, the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil are a scientifically validated reality. From promoting heart health, to acting as a potent antioxidant and with its anti-inflammatory properties, it promotes overall well-being. Incorporating this liquid gold into our daily culinary endeavors isn't just a gastronomic choice, it's an investment in our long-term health. So, let's savor the robust flavors and relish the numerous health benefits of extra virgin olive oil!