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Gift Ideas: Olive Oil for an Unforgettable Christmas
Gift Ideas: Olive Oil for an Unforgettable Christmas

Have you already thought about what to give your loved ones this Christmas? Often, we face complete indecision and end up prioritizing only the material aspect.

So, why not opt for an original and unexpected gift? We’re talking about the high-quality Laudemio Frescobaldi olive oil! A perfect idea to surprise the palates of family and friends with its unique and exquisite flavor. 

Giving olive oil as a gift can be a special and meaningful present: let’s discover why together!

The Art of Gifting: Olive Oil Present for Christmas

Christmas gifts should demonstrate gratitude to our loved ones for being part of our lives. That’s why gifting olive oil could be the right choice for you! Did you know that in the past, it was a symbol of abundance and peace? In fact, it was given with the meaning of mutual respect and esteem towards each other. 

Giving olive oil as a gift is an art and not just the act of giving a product: it’s an expression of history and tradition. Gifting Laudemio Frescobaldi extra virgin olive oil means appreciating the history of a family that has dedicated itself for over 700 years to preserving the culinary tradition of our land.

Meaning of Gifting Olive Oil

At Christmas, there’s nothing more important than sharing and connecting with others. Gifting an olive oil set during the holiday season means giving harmony. In fact, olive oil is a symbol of peace and harmony and has always been considered a precious gift. It can also represent an opportunity to celebrate our connection with nature and biodiversity.

Receiving olive oil as a gift is like an invitation to celebrate Italian culinary traditions and love for cooking. There are a lot of recipes with olive oil, both in raw applications and in cooking. Moreover, receiving such a gift is also an opportunity to take care of oneself, thanks to its unique nutritional characteristics. Let’s see how!

Olive Oil as a Symbol of Health and Prosperity

As a symbol of health and prosperity, extra virgin olive oil has always been considered a precious and valuable gift. Thanks to its nutritional properties, it has numerous health benefits: it’s an excellent ally for the cardiovascular system and it’s the most powerful natural antioxidant, lowers cholesterol and strengthens the immune system. Moreover, it has a strong antiviral effect. 

The olive tree was recognized as a sacred tree, and the oil obtained from its olives was seen as an elixir of long life. It goes without saying that it is considered a perfect gift for overall psychophysical well-being!

Special and Personalized Packaging: Luxury Olive Oil Gift Set

If you’re gifting olive oil this Christmas, make sure it’s presented in elegant olive oil gift baskets for an extra touch of refinement and magic! Are you ready to explore all the special and personalized olive oil gift sets from Laudemio Frescobaldi?

The first one we want to describe to you is the Membership Gift Box, in emerald green, which also includes 4 ceramic tasting plates. The second set we want to tell you about aims to celebrate the Frescobaldi family and the union of grape and olive cultivation in Tuscany. 

We are talking about the Heritage Kit Laudemio and Nipozzano, in which you can find both wine and oil, two products that encapsulate the love for the Frescobaldi family’s territory. In both packages, the oil is sold in a special box, protecting it from light and preserving its quality. 

Choose the luxury olive oil gift set that suits you best and bestow Laudemio Frescobaldi: you will amaze everyone’s taste buds!


Choosing olive oil as a present at Christmas is an opportunity to celebrate sharing, peace, harmony and well-being. It is also a way to express our gratitude towards nature and its unique products. 

Ours is an invitation not to succumb to materialism this year and to choose a gift that brings joy, health and flavor, providing a unique sensory experience. Gift the Italian Laudemio Frescobaldi extra virgin olive oil and surprise your family and friends with luxury gift sets!